NYPD Officer Reading A Story About A Missing Marathon Runner Looks Up And Spots Him On The Train

November 4, 2015

An off-duty NYPD officer Tuesday morning looked up from his news story about an Italian runner who disappeared after the New York City Marathon to find the man there on the train with him.

cop finds missing marathon runner
Credit: NYPD

Officer Man Yam got off the train about 7 a.m. at Penn Station with Gianclaudio Marengo, 30, who'd spent the two days since the race lost in the city, riding the subway, eating pizza, sleeping on the street and trying to find his Italian race mates, officials said.

Marengo was then taken to Lower Manhattan Hospital and treated for dehydration. NYPD officials said he was in "good condition."

Marengo's two day ordeal began when he realized he'd lost the note with directions back to his team's Astoria hotel, the Sleep Inn Hotel. Marengo stayed in the area for a while, hoping to run into a familiar face.

With no luck, he grabbed a slice of pizza and slept overnight on the street. The next day, he tried to meet his friends at the airport, but was turned away because he didn't have proper documents, returning to Manhattan for another night on the streets.

Thanks to Officer Yam and the NYPD, Marengo and his racing pals will soon fly back to Milan together.

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