Lost elderly couple visiting Chicago get free cab ride from strangers

July 7, 2012

Irma and William Stockton, of Southern Maryland, got lost in Chicago while visiting for the first time. The Stocktons live in a very small town and are not used to being in big cities like Chicago.

Not knowing how to get back to their hotel, they decided to ask a couple that appeared to be locals. The woman was wearing a Chicago Cubs baseball jersey as she reached into her pocket.

She pulled out her phone and searched for the desired hotel address. Looking at the results, she explained the hotel was only a half mile away, and showed them how to get there. They chatted for a while about the city and how much they were enjoying their time. Soon after, the Stocktons were on foot for the hotel.

About two blocks after they started their journey back to the hotel, the couple caught up with them to explain the directions were inaccurate. The hotel was actually further than expected and they will need a cab to get there, especially a couple in their 80's.

The nice couple hailed down a cab and put the Stocktons back on their way. As the cab pulled off, Irma noticed the meter was not running. Worried, she asked the cab driver why it had been turned off.

It had been paid for by the Chicago couple giving them directions home.

"They had never seen us before, would never see us again," said Irma. "And yet they did that incredibly, incredibly moving thing. It just touched us so."

Irma never caught their names. She hopes this article might find their computer screen one day so she can get the chance to tell them, "Thank you!"

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