She Wrote Her Adopted Daughter A Letter 20 Years Ago, And Finally Gave It To Her On Her Wedding Day

August 12, 2015

Over 20 years ago, Sherry Blackledge wrote her newborn daughter a letter and kept it by her bedside. On her daughter's wedding day, she finally gave it to her.

mom letter to daughter 20 years
Photo: Charlotte Stringer Photography

Brooke Zugg, now 22, said her mother was approached with the option to adopt her while working her job as a maternity nurse at South Central Regional Medical Center in Laurel, Mississippi.

"My adopted mother was the nurse on the floor," Brooke told ABC News. "When they got to chit-chatting, my adopted mother said she adopted a son 11 years earlier because they couldn't have children. Then my biological mother asked if she [Sherry] wanted to adopt me."

Sherry, who said she planned all this time to give Brooke the letter on her wedding day, had it printed onto a piece of her own wedding gown, which she wore over 35 years ago.

Watch the touching moment Brooke reads the letter, dated Dec. 15, 1994, for the first time:

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