Japan Is Turning Abandoned Golf Courses Into Solar Power Plants

July 20, 2015

Japan has been searching for an alternative energy source after the 2011 Fukushima disaster made nuclear energy an unattractive option. With the rise of abandoned golf courses, they came up with the perfect solution: solar farms.

japan turns golf courses into solar panel fields
Image via Business Insider

Golf courses are perfectly suited for solar power - they're large open spaces that get lots of sunlight.

Japan's largest electronics manufacturer, Kyocera, has started construction of a 23-megawatt solar plant on a golf course in Kyoto. The plant will produce enough power for over 8,000 homes.

Kyocera is also planning a 92-megawatt solar plant in Kagoshima, which will generate energy to over 30,000 homes.

The solar plants are expected to go live in 2017.

(h/t) Business Insider.

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