The CEO That Guaranteed His Employees At Least $70,000 Is Getting Flooded With New Clients Who Want His Business

April 24, 2015

The CEO that made headlines last month for taking a $1 million pay cut to guarantee all of his employees at least $70,000 a year has been flooded with new clients who want his business.

In an interview with CNN, Gravity Payment CEO Dan Price said the news has brought in dozens of new clients, making it the best week for new business in the company's 11-year history.

"I'm actually shocked by the reaction from businesses," Price said. "It has me on cloud 9."

About 70 of the company's 120 workers will have their pay raised to $70,000 over the next three years, with about 30 of those workers will have their pay doubled.

Turns out guaranteeing employees a $70,000 salary is great for business.

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