Stray dog joins and finishes 1,000 mile bike race

June 1, 2012

A stray dog decided that it was going to join a 1,000 mile bicycle race which took place in China stretching from Sichuan province to Tibet.

The determined dog, Xiaosa,  joined the race after one of the cyclists felt bad for him and fed him a chicken drumstick. The grateful dog decided right then and there it was going to complete the race with the rest of the cyclists, climbing mountain after mountain.

Cyclist Xiao Yong started a blog to record and update the world on Xiaosa's status. The blog ended up gaining over 40,000 followers. Xiasosa followed the group for a shocking 20 days covering an average 37 miles per day.

After the race, Yong decided to officially adopt Xiaosa.

I don't even know how it is possible for a small dog like Xiaosa to complete a race of this stature, but it has been done. It goes to show you that anything is possible, and now the dog which had to fend for himself in the past has a happy home.

I think Forrest Gump would be proud.

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