It's Better To Give Than Receive

By Chris • August 21, 2012

I had been coming to work with hard boiled eggs in the morning for myself every day this past week. My co-worker at the desk next to me noticed and kindly asked if I could bring in one for her one day. Naturally, I agreed.

A couple days go by and I forgot to bring her an egg. It was the last egg too, I had no more at the house and rarely go out to buy eggs to be honest. And I love hard boiled eggs more than anything, especially since that is all I eat for breakfast.

I started to tell my intern how I forgot to bring her an egg and was going to have to eat my egg in secret upstairs so that she did not know. My intern sarcastically replied "Or you could just give it to her".

It hit me right then and there. Why did I not think to give it to her instead of being selfish? I really wanted that egg and debated in my head for a few minutes before my co-worker's arrival on what to do. I finally made my decision.

She was minding her business and typing up a report when I stuck my hand in my lunch bag and presented her with the egg. Her face lit up, a huge smile that I can not even put in words. She was surprised and excited at the same time, thanking me over and over.

I learned at that moment that the feeling I received from giving was 10 times better than the feeling I would have received from consuming the hard boiled egg myself.

It's the little things like this that you remember and make an impact on your life. I will never forget the look on her face, and the satisfaction I got from that one simple gesture. That's what life is about.


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