When You Know You Are Loved

By Joseph J. Mazzella • September 9, 2014

What do we all want in this life? The answer is simple. We want happiness. We may take many different paths to reach it, but happiness is the final destination we all are trying to reach. Many of us pursue it in things, work, and people. Others try to create it in what they think and do. Yet, happiness remains elusive. Like a butterfly it flies away each time you try to catch it, but can come and land on your shoulder when you least expect it.

The times that I have found to be the happiest in my own life have been the times when I knew I was loved. I can remember as a boy sitting in a chair with my Mom by the warm stove while she read books to me. I can remember coming in the door after playing outside to a warm hug from my Nana and a piece of freshly baked Italian bread. I can remember squeezing into a recliner with my Dad when he got home from work so we could watch my favorite TV show. I can remember playing touch football with my brothers. I can remember the first kiss I ever got from a girl. I can remember holding each of my newborn children in my arms for the first time. I can remember seeing them get off the school bus and running into my arms. I can remember all the hugs, laughs, smiles, and "I Love You's" that they filled my life with.

I can also remember the countless times that God showed me how much He loved me. These miracle moments came in glorious sunrises and beautiful sunsets. They came in cool morning breezes full of birdsong. They came in the changing leaves, the first snow of Winter, and the hot Summer afternoons. They came in flowers, fireflies, and butterflies. They came in words I read and songs I heard. They came in quiet moments of silence, peace, and prayer. They came every day whether I noticed them or not. I just hope to spend the rest of my life taking them in, passing them on, and thanking God for them with all my heart.

Know that you are loved then. Know that you are loved eternally and unconditionally. Know that God loves you with a power beyond understanding. And know that you can love as well. If there is one thing greater than the joy of being loved, it is the joy of loving. Share your own love today. Love God. Love yourself. Love everyone else. Love life, this world, and all of your days in it. Love and be happy today, tomorrow, and always.


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