A Forever Friendship

By Sharon Cesario • August 17, 2014

This is a story of a 45 year friendship. I met this young lady 45 years ago on her 14th birthday (January 10 1969). She told me that my friendship was the best gift she received that year. We were friends on and off for over those 45 years. Our live took different twist and turns, but inevitably on St. Patrick's Day 2012 that we again got close. My son Patrick (who died in 2007) I believe had a hand in this. The friendship went back together, like it had never been apart. Both always there for each other, sadly she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and COPD. So she was not able to get around as easily as she used to, but yet we still found time to spend together. Going over old memories and making new ones (going to Las Vegas-taking a gondola ride). Well, yesterday she died from Cancer, it took over her body in the two short years we had gotten back together. But some of the things I won't ever forget is the little kindnesses she did for others. Like always sending cards for birthdays, holidays etc. Little presents she would give, just because. How special her friendship was, I for one am glad that 45 years ago I met her. My husband, and son Frankie went with me to the hospital last Saturday to see her. Not realizing this would be their last time, we tried to make it as nice a visit as possible. I again visited her on that Monday and made sure the nurses made her comfortable before I left. With the promise that I would be back. She told me should would never be able to repay me for all I had done for her. I told her she would have done the same under the circumstances, and that this was what true friends were for.


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