My Pain, My Strength

By Jee Blaquera • August 11, 2014

im just a simple person who wants everyone to be happy. my family, my friends and especially the person i love the most, HIM :) well our love story was tragic. no one died but losing him, it felt like i did. o love him.. and until now, i do.. i dont want to forget anything about him, us.. the memories i had with him doesn't feel like it's the past.. i continue to talk about it like it only happened yesterday. i know it's hard to let him go. i know how love gave someone the power to break me. but i dont regret anything. if he does, atleast i know i didnt. i still love him and i'll make sure that i'll use this pain that i feel to make myself more stronger than i've ever been. i may not get over, but i'll make sure i'll become stronger. i dont know if i will fall again but it's okay if i wont. because his memories, our memories will always be a part of me, like he never left me in the first place. :)


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