By Rosemerry • July 18, 2014

This is a cute, and not so cute story about a life that retired. I am the mother of two grown sons I raised alone. I had a little child support help, under constant protest, alcoholic father in the picture that abused through words and striking, angry at mother, expressed anger to young boys who loved both of their parents. These boys grew up, saying they loved their mother, but when she retired, they turned into the controller she had rescued them from when they were 1 and 3. Even though, she had spent their entire lifetimes protecting, loving, caring, sacrificing very unselfishly from the right place, her heart full of love for these two little pink blessings. it seems they slept through her lessons in life and learned the most from the Bully she was protecting them from; a most confusing intersection in their lives. She, in fact, has had to resign from her position in the family, for the time being, take a break from the control that feels so wrong, feels like she has no thoughts any longer, cannot make one decision without the youngest approving first, before I spend one cent, WOW. They have managed to mistreat me right out of their lives, because, even though I love these two so much, with all my heart, had such great hopes for them to have a happy life, gave them many of the tools to make that possible through blood, sweat, tears, financial strain beyond words, (and I am not perfect, made many mistakes) they have managed to treat me in such a way I don't want to be around them. Isn't it ironic? They have each bad-mouthed the other so, I believe each of the picture they paint of each other, and I don't like the pictures - not the boys I raised, Where did they go? They are gone. Hope the crash and burn is not too painful because I really have, really do wish them the best life, happy, healthy, clean, loved. I'm believing there will be many more chapters to this book, and I am believing and trusting, having faith in God that these two little birds are just off course, will probably crash and burn, hope it does not hurt too badly, but they will get it because their momma prays for them daily, even though they have chased her out of their lives, for the time being. This too shall pass! Love always wins.


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