By Curt Struna • July 5, 2014

My family had been invited to someone's hunting camp for a fireworks show a long time ago. The camp was a cabin in the middle of the woods and there were about 50 people there. The guys that were running the show had several thousand dollars worth of fireworks in the bed of a pickup truck which they parked by a pond about 200 feet from the cabin where everyone was sitting. They set off a few rockets and one of first ones landed in the bed of the pickup truck where all the fireworks were. All hell broke loose. One guy down by the truck jumped in a ditch and the other two dove into the pond. People were running and screaming everywhere. We lay down and covered our heads while rockets whizzed by just above us. The rockets were hitting the cabin, going into the woods and exploding everywhere. When the smoke finally cleared, not one single person had been hurt and there were no fires. The two guys came up out of the pond and the other guy got out of the ditch, and boy were they pissed. There were several fish floating on top of the water in the pond. It was spectacular and never to be outdone, and if it ever is, I don’t want to be there.

Curt Struna


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