Finally Writing My Book!

By LoriAnn Garner • April 23, 2012

I am offically starting the process of writing my book!! I am organizing my chapters and getting the content to flow! It doesn't seem possible but it IS!

I have a Quote in my office... Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, because the word says it... I'm Possible!

My story is about the triumph of overcoming the tragic car accident that killed my parents 30 years ago. I have been writing this book for 6 years now! Well I should say that I have been

starting my book… over and over and over! It has been an overwhelming process to say the least. It has definitely been a transforming and life altering process.

I am sharing my story on a blog and want to continue to transform… not only my life but

those who take the time to read and experience this journey with me. Follow my blog at

I have joined Christine Kloser’s transformational Author’s program, The Get Your Book Done program. It is a step by step program that will get my thoughts and ideas out of my head and

into a book. My deepest gratitude goes to Christine for all her inspiration in getting this program out to the world and especially into my life! It is the only way I could get my book done and have it make sense.

So just a little bit about my book…. the title is I Can… I Will… I Do… !!!

Were you ever 18 years old and thought you had the world in your hand? That's what I thought! I was an adult now and going to college, buying my first car, living in a house with 3 other girls, working 2 jobs, and my family loves me and supports me in all I do!!! Then there is a car accident and my parents are gone in just a few minutes! Life changed dramatically and yet there was a constant force willing me to live on. Forcing me to get up and face a new day with challenges and tears and joy! This force was that I wanted to prove to my "angel" parents that I could make them proud! I wanted God to know that I would do His will and serve Him all my life so one day I could be in His presence again and be with my parents.

This book will take you through my journey of knowing that I Can… have happiness in my life and face a new day after the tragic death of my parents! I Will… take on the responsibility of being the Guardian of my sisters! I Do… accept the marriage proposal to my soul mate!

All three of these events happened in 2 days! Yes! Ray proposed the day after the accident and we got married 6 weeks after my parents death and we are still married after 30 years!

Please visit my blog if you are interested in following my story! God Bless you all and have a wonderful day!!!

Hugs from ME!



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