An Old Man's Smile

By Sunshine • June 2, 2014

It was another rainy day, it had stopped raining but the ground was still wet, with this remarkable smell of freshness, I was in the car with my friend, and ahead of us was this old pathetic looking old man, with a cane in his hand as it seemed he was having hard time standing up or barely doing any effort-, I have always had a weakness to old people; they break my heart, especially the ones begging on the streets, selling flowers or gum, I feel sad for them, having to be on the streets instead of being taken care by their families or the government …-there was a car in front of us before we reach next to him, I had prepared money in my hand to give it to him, I was looking at the car in front of us, the driver took a bill of money and threw it off the window, he literally threw it in the face of the old man and it fell on the ground, in a wet spot, the old man looked at the bill with this sad look, it will take him an enormous effort to pick it up and he was hardly standing up, so I opened the car door, ran to him as he was bending to pick it up, I took it, wiped it with my jeans since it was almost wet, gave it to him and gave him the money I had prepared for him… the look on his eyes when he saw me doing that was the most rewarding look anyone has ever gave me, he was chocked for what I did, apparently people treat him in a bad way, he started thanking me for what I did and asking God to bless me, I couldn’t hear a word of what he was saying, I couldn’t look at him in the eye, how can someone so sweet like him with an angelic look be left on the streets… I ran back to the car and started crying, not any kind of crying but the one where you feel your lungs are coming out from your chest… I can’t really explain how overwhelmed I felt.

Helping him out surely made his day, but what he didn’t know is that he affected me in a way he could never imagine, I still think about him very often, I just hope everyone will look at old people the way I do…


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