I Made A New Friend

By Dave • May 29, 2014

Today I had a moment where I actually enjoyed working in retail.

I work at a certain big blue electronics retailer, in the video games department. A little girl came in with her grandmother and asked me if we had any copies of Pokemon Conquest.

That morning when I was getting ready to open, I had only seen one copy. I told her I thought we had one left, and took her over to where it was. It was still there.

I've never seen a kid so happy. She held the thing over her head like it was the greatest treasure in the whole world. "YEEEEEES. I FOUND IIIIIIT!!!" she said and was actually jumping up and down with joy. I felt so happy for her, and I think it's because when I was her age, I felt the same way when I got a new Pokemon game.

Her grandmother asked me questions about whether or not Pokemon games were appropriate for kids her age, and I explained to them how I had been playing it since I was a kid and still do sometimes.

When I went to check them out at the register, the little girl and I talked all kinds of Pokemon talk and I think I made a new friend. :)

It's the little moments like this....


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