Always Believed There Was Someone Special For Me

By Duane Orvedahl • April 21, 2014

I am a romantic, if you will and a songwriter. Must have been born with a song in my heart because I've always been creating songs. I became quite talented on the guitar, as well. However the one area of weakness was in singing on a professional level. My songs have always been received well by people in the industry. The one area of improvement, finding a singer. From a major radio station in Minneapolis to Atlantic Records in Hollywood this was the only factor holding me back. Well I've auditioned singers to what seems no end. However I just couldn't find the right match. Having all but given up, I bought a computer in order to get some of my music on mp3 which was the thing at the time. I also began to build a fan base across America and ultimately outside of America, too. Germany, England. Having found more than 600 potential new friends and fans I wrote over 300 letters to the most promising. One day I came across a beautiful woman in England. Her eyes captured my attention and I learned that she was also a singer looking for a songwriter. Something very big and very powerful was present. I asked her if she could send me a sample of her singing in order for me to be able to write a song which would match her voice. She sent me a cassette demo of a few songs she had recorded. In addition to hearing her voice I was deeply touched by something in that voice. We weren't trying to fall in love, in fact quite the opposite. We were trying not to let our fondness for each other turn into some type of romance with feelings of love because she lived in England and I lived in America. Well, fight it as we did, we gave in to a very powerful emotion of love. One important benefit of this was being filled with inspiration along with a strong passion for creating new songs. During the course of the next three years, I wrote a total of 180 songs and self published 12-CDs of original rock music. I was trying to come up with a unique flavor which was part British and part American in the songs. Many others became swept up in this whirlwind and my life read like a fairy tale. The longest I had ever sustained a strong feeling of inspiration was 2-weeks. This went on for more than 3-years. It was magical. Beautiful. Wonderful. Exciting. Passionate. Everything I've ever dreamed of and more. I thought the intensity of this whole experience might just kill me.

We recorded together and performed together. People in the audience were clearly moved by our music, I saw jaws drop as I went into one of my signature guitar solos. One guy came up after one of our performances and said "you guys are great! You've got it all; The talent, the music, the performance!" He used to manage a major club in Minneapolis and was friends with prince's former recording engineer. He got in touch with that person, sent some demo's and we were in the process of coming up with a new record. It would have been the icing on the cake had that panned out but instead it fizzled out. There were not shows like America's Got Talent, The Voice or X-Factor. We could not seem to take our music to the next level. Then life got in the way and we split.

We are still friends and communicate on occasion. We are both proud of the music we created, recorded and performed together. It's an odd twist to the fairy tale of finding a soul mate and experiencing Heaven on Earth.


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