Finding Ones Way

By Lynn • March 22, 2014

I had a man stop me by honking his horn the other day. He was looking for a church. He looked so upset, I instinctively knew something was very wrong. So I directed him to pull over his car and I would help find the church with my cell phone. As I did so, I asked "Are you okay?" "No, I just lost my brother" "was it unexpected or sudden?" "No, it was sudden". I found the directions and a number to call and asked if he wanted me to call to ensure it was open. He insisted he could do so and off he went.

It's not even remotely a thought to not help out another human being. Any small amount of help is a gesture of kindness at such an emotional time for this man. My job is to be phased out of in the next few years. I enjoy being there for the unknown public. It's my way of being of service to my fellow man.


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