Thank You Beautiful Angel Lady

By A Friend • June 17, 2024

While standing in the checkout lane today, my hands were aching due to an injury, plus cold, so I was blowing on them.

I'd been chatting, ever so briefly, to the lady behind me. She suggested that I get some winter gloves! I agreed with her and was thinking about where I would find some that would fit over a thumb brace.

Anyways, I kept unloading my trolley, then suddenly she offered me gloves from her bag, and insisted that I take them! I thanked her very much.

Seconds later she was called to another checkout, and once through, gave me a huge wave and smile as she zoomed off towards the car park..! Everyone around me was so touched by her act of kindness.

Thank you beautiful angel lady. The gloves fit perfectly. I could easily have rolled my trolley up to Target to find some, but your gift has absolutely touched my heart and filled my eyes with happy tears.

Thank you.


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