My Friend And His Mom Were Scammed

By Shelly • May 17, 2024

Recently, my friend and his Mom were scammed by people who thought were going to help them to fix their gutters. Those people ended up destroying the whole roof.

My friend put up a GoFundMe link on his Facebook to raise funds. He and his mom couldn’t afford to get their roof fixed as both are pensioners.

I reached out to a roof restoration business near me as I am not familiar with any in their city to ask if they know any there. They initially put me in touch with one of their friends, a roofer. Yet, they were snowed under and wasn’t available. The guy from my local roof business drove all the way down south to help. Not only did they replace the roof tiles that were broken but they gave my friend and his mom a new roof out of charity.

It's very sad how in this world there are so many that get scammed. The scammers continue to prey on the vulnerable. If it weren't for the help of the roof repair guy, my friend and his Mom would still have a broken roof they couldn’t afford to get fixed.

No words can describe our gratitude. They really are a blessing. They definitely went more than above and beyond for what they do.

In the words of my friend: "Kindness and compassion for strangers is thin on the ground in this day and age, and we still can't believe he did what he's done. Not only has he helped us with repairs we couldn't afford, but he turned out to be a person you want to keep as a friend".


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