Who Do Birds Sing?

By Joseph J. Mazzella • April 2, 2024

It was a wonderfully warm day for March here in the mountains of my home. It was already warm by the time the sun slowly rose over the mountains and everywhere you could feel hints of the Spring to come. I saw the first dandelions and daffodils blooming through the grass. The air had lost it’s cold winter chill. Buds had appeared on the limbs of my Maple tree. And my ears were blessed with a glorious symphony of bird song. I could make out at least a dozen different bird songs blending together not counting the ear jarring Caws of the crows. I smiled when I heard this sweet music of nature. It was a chorus of joy that always made my heart sing as well. And it was a wonderful sign that Spring was close at hand.

I was thinking recently, though. Why do the birds sing in the Spring? What is the reason? Experts put it all down to mating and reproduction. The males arrive to stake out a home for raising the future baby birds. Their songs attract the females who arrive a few weeks later and then they start building a nest to raise the next generation of little singers.

I think there is a deeper reason, however. I think there is a reason that science alone cannot explain. Why else would I still hear birds singing late into the Summer and even some days during the cold winter? Maybe their songs aren’t just some biological necessity. Maybe their songs also offer praise and love to their Creator. Maybe like us and the angels their songs share their joy, their love, and their connection with all things.

One thing I have learned from hearing this Heavenly music each Spring is to share my own song as well, not just through my voice but also through my life. Each day here is a glorious gift from God. Each day here is a new beginning. Each day here is a fresh chance for us to share Love, to scatter Joy, to Help others, and to Sing! May we all do so.


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