My Family Of 5 Flew From Brisbane To Newcastle For A Gorgeous Family Wedding

By Julie • September 14, 2023

Did a shop once we arrived to cook at the motel the wedding guests were staying in.

Dinner on night 1, for all the kids, was a joint effort by a few families.. sausages in bread and some salad. Easy.

Until I remembered I'd forgotten to buy tomato sauce.

Someone had a relish and was saying its ok they can just have this with their snags...

I felt sick to my stomach. My neurodivergent son - who was already well out of his comfort zone - was not going to be able to eat dinner. Not without tomato sauce. Not with relish - full of chunks and bits. If you know, you know.

I quickly went to the reception, to ask if there was any way they had any tomato sauce.... long shot as it wasn't a catered facility. I explained that my neurodivergent son was going to struggle to eat his dinner but I understood they probably didn't have any.

Without missing a beat, the angel behind the counter grabbed her personal mobile and said no we don't, but hang on.

She called her daughter who was at her home and asked her to, and I quote "grab their tomato sauce and bring it down, a little boy needs it for his dinner."

If you are a fellow neurospicy parent/caregiver, or you are neurospicy yourself you will understand the magnitude of this kindness.

I was so grateful for my son being able to eat dinner that night, not being able to would set him up for a rough night, and a rough day the next day (the wedding day).

What blew me away though, was that she didn't judge me or my son for this NEED of tomato sauce. Because it is a NEED but many many many people would would argue that it isn't. I've heard all too many times "He should just eat what he's given", "can't always have what he wants"...This angel just accepted his need and helped us.

So if this lady is reading this, at a motel in the Hunter Valley, I'll never forget your kindness that day.

The world is a better place because YOU are in it.


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