It's Reassuring To Know That There Are People Looking Out For Our Elderly

By Janet • June 7, 2023

Yesterday, my 83 year old father in law was returning from visiting a neighbour in hospital. He could hear a funny noise from the back of the car, so pulled into a lay by to investigate. He discovered he had a completely flat tyre. Fortunately there was also a lorry parked in this lay by, as my FIL realised once he’d stopped that he had left his mobile phone at home.

He approached the driver to ask if he could borrow a phone to ring the RAC, to which the driver replied “you don’t need to phone them, I’ll have that changed for you in no time”.

He was very grateful and offered money, but the lorry driver refused and said “give it to someone who needs it”.

So, heartfelt thanks to the lorry driver who was parked in the layby on the Clacton Road in Bradfield, Essex, on Monday. It’s reassuring to know that there are people looking out for our elderly.


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