A Huge Thank You To Those That Helped My Daughter And I

By A Friend • May 1, 2023

I wanted to post a huge thank you to those at Indooroopilly last weekend that helped my daughter and I.

She had just gotten a piercing and was fine in the shop while she waiting for her sister and Aunty. After we left the store she said she felt weird and couldn’t see. My eldest and I held her either side and she fainted on the spot lwackng us holding what was like a dead weight.

A lovely couple and a lady with a baby in a pram came straight to us and offered assistance. The gentleman was able to scoop my daughter up (whilst being held awkwardly under the arms by myself and my eldest) and placed her on a nearby bench. With the way we were holding her and the location we were we could not have done this on our own.

All 3 who stopped offered any help they could including to get food, water, sugar etc and offered to wait and help me to get her to the car. Then a gentleman approached while waiting for his son to complete his haircut and also offered to help.

Thank you to those who went out of their way to help us and offer help. Said daughter was extremely embarrassed but I am happy that both of my girls (teenagers) acknowledged and appreciated the kindness of strangers when we needed it and have said they hope they can help someone if they needed it.


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