To The Kind Motorbike Rider In Kew, Melbourne

By Beck • April 26, 2023

We were both turning into the petrol station today, you were ahead of me and very nearly missed being in a terrible car accident. My heart stopped it really upset me.

When I pulled into the petrol station I parked next to you. Asked if you were ok. I had been so worried. Glad you were unharmed.

I went to pay, you had paid for my petrol. $85.00 … That’s a huge amount of money for someone who only just filled up a motorbike. Your kindness for me - just a stranger at the petrol station, has overwhelmed me.

So thank you. To the kind man on the motorbike. I shared this with my kids in the car how important it is so be kind, check in on the people around you. Because everyone needs to know someone is looking out for them.


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