Witnessed A Wonderful Act Of Kindness While On A Walk

By Chris • April 12, 2023

Yesterday was a beautiful day.

While taking my dog on a walk through the neighborhood, it happened to be trash day. I was walking past the home of an elderly man in his late 80s who loves to sit in a chair in his garage during the day when the weather is nice.

The garbage truck pulled up to his house and emptied his bin. Afterwards I watched the truck drive to the next house but the worker (a younger  man) walked the trash bin all the way back to his garage from the street.

Generally the workers empty the bins and leave them on the street right by the end of the home's driveway. But this person must have seen the man was very old - so he did it for him.

I'd also like to mention that this was a fairly long driveway, a good 150-foot walk!

It made my day to see the young man take his time during a very busy day to help out a senior.


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