Friends Are Just Strangers We Have Met To Meet.

By Maree • March 24, 2023

Last week, I accepted an invite to travel with my two workaways to an outing I send all workaways on, some young lads we didnt know joined us.

As Bents was closed they happened on this amazing place. I was content to sit under a shaded tree in a water hole, as I had already sprained my ankle, at the start of the walk, but I longed to climb through the hole and swim in the river.

With their encouragement one of the lads said he would help me if needed. So across mossy rocks, and he moved logs and rocks to make a staircase for me.

This grandma had a great adventure, we shared lunch and drinks together and the two lovely girls carried my bag between them up the 230 steep stairs to allow me to balance and protect my ankle.

Friends are just strangers we have met to meet.


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