I Moved Into My House At The End Of Last Year After A Rough Run With My Previous Landlords

By Hannah • February 20, 2023

I moved into my house at the end of last year after a rough run with my previous landlords.

I noticed when I moved in that there was a tree in the front yard and all I could make of it at the time was that it was definitely some sort of fruit tree.

My partner told me they thought it was a fig tree and sure enough, as the months went by, the tree grew huge leaves and eventually came to fruition. Figs the size of my fist!

They were glorious! I didn’t know what to do with them all. My partner and I learned how to make fig jam because we didn’t know what to do with all the figs.

My next door neighbours have always been polite since I moved in. Always waving to me as they pulled into their driveway or as they would leave for the day. I thought that was lovely in itself.

But about a week ago, my next door neighbour came home from work and says hello, and properly introduces himself.

He then asks if he could pick some figs from my tree.

Immediately, I encouraged him to take as many as he liked. He told me a story about how he’s been living in the house next door for close to 14 years now.

And 12 years ago, the previous owner of the house I live in now used to be very good friends with him and they planted this very fig tree way back then. He was telling me that he was so impressed by the quality of the fruit this year.

I continued to encourage him to take as much as he likes!

I came home tonight from being at work all afternoon, to find this fruit box outside my front door.

And it filled my heart with so much happiness and wholesomeness.

I have the sweetest next door neighbours and I’m so grateful there are kind, and lovely people out there, just wanting to do something nice for someone they live next to.


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