Caitlyn, Whoever You Are, You Are Amazing

By Georgia • February 13, 2023

Today my Dad decided to take a little wander off into a suburb he is not familiar with anymore.

Cause for concern due to dementia and disorientation we were on high alert.

He carries no mobile phone anymore so a bit tricky to locate.

From the hours of 2pm - 7pm tonight he was unaccounted for.

Police were notified and looking for him.

A woman called Caitlyn noticed him sitting on the side of the road on his walker in the heat and thought it was unusual.

She drove past and then came back to ask him if he was ok.

Dad said he was ok, Caitlyn offered him a lift home.

So to give a guide Dad lives in Lane Cove and today he was found in the backstreets of Hornsby.

Caitlyn drove my Dad back to Lane Cove safely.

When I spoke to her she wanted no "repayment ", believe me I offered.

I told her through tears of relief that her act of kindness restores my faith in the human race..

God knows we need that more than ever.

Caitlyn, whoever you are, you are amazing.


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