Snow Fairy And A Kindly Urgent Care Doctor

By GM • January 16, 2023

Well I have two acts of kindness on my mind was from several years ago.

We were traveling home over the winter holidays by car and stopped to have supper. There was a big snow storm in the news but we were traveling south and the roads stayed clear for us for hours so we figured we'd beat the storm. By the time we were finished eating the temperatures had dropped to just below freezing but we weren't paying attention any more. We got back on the road. I was behind the wheel, and within less than five minutes we must have crossed a county line because the roadway suddenly became narrower and less well marked. There was snow on the ground on either side of the road.

Suddenly there was freezing ice on the road and before I had a chance to slow down I had slid over a long patch of ice and the car started to fishtail. My family had already fallen asleep in the backseat. So scary.

I stayed off the brakes for several long moments, nervously judging the patches of woods on both sides of the road as the back of the car slid and slid from side to side. Then there was a small clearing on the left and I hazarded a small tap on the brakes. The car departed from the roadway still going at a high rate of speed and headed for the trees on the other side of the clearing. There was a stump and the car got hung up as it went over the stump and swung us around, jolting to a stop in the opposite direction we'd been going. It was cold and snowy and we had a young child with us. We got out to see how we were going to get off the stump.

Another couple of cars stopped right away to help us but it was hard to figure out how we would get free from the stump that probably had saved our lives. Within a minute another car came along and slipped on the same patch of ice, left the roadway and headed in our direction but a little farther over. They got almost to the trees and were able to stop, then got back on the road. It was a sketchy situation to say the least. I felt like we were sitting ducks, that we could easily get hit by another vehicle as we stood out there trying to get free from the stump.

Another vehicle came along, this time a young woman in an SUV. She stopped and parked well away from the road on the other side of the clearing and invited us into her vehicle to stay warm while we called a tow company. My child watched videos in her SUV and stayed calm the whole time. We probably delayed her trip by well over an hour. I was pretty stressed and yet she was so calm and gracious the whole time to us. I am still grateful. A big thank you to ALL the strangers out there who will extend a needed hand and a warm, safe place to stay while someone figures out how to get back on track. You are much appreciated!

My other story was from yesterday. I went to urgent care with an issue and the doctor flagged another issue and was so kind, knowledgeable and patient with me as I asked all my questions. I was under some stress and it brought tears to my eyes. It was the opposite of what you hear about, with doctors in such a hurry. He took all the time in the world with me, and was so concerned for my wellbeing. Not only that, as I was leaving I found out they were waiving the co-pay for me. A small thing, but such big heart. A good reminder to be generous when we can.


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