My Hubby Was Inline Waiting To Pay For His Petrol

By Vicki • January 9, 2023

My hubby was inline waiting to pay for his petrol. A woman was trying to pay for hers but her cards were on her phone and her phone didn't have enough charge to bring them up.

She was in a complete fluster as her kids were crying, man behind her was huffing & puffing, making the whole situation more overwhelming for her.

Hubby, told her to not worry about it, take her kids and he would pay for the petrol. Wasn't much, only about $20.

Lady at first refused but with the kids now becoming more agitated, she agreed.

She asked for his address to send the money back to him once she was able to access her accounts which Hubby declines - stated buy the kids something nice for dinner.

When he came home to tell me the story, he looked at me and said "You taught me this! I thought of you and knew you would have done this had you been there and that's one of the reasons I love you - your kindness. You make me a better man."

My eyes leaked a little.


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