Just Wanted To Share How We Have Been Touched By A Beautiful Soul

By Toni • December 23, 2022

My daughter who is only 14, her father passed away in September (we were divorced) he played a huge part in her life and they had a bond like no other, it’s been a rough few months….

Well the other day my daughter got a letter in the mail from a close family friend of her dads and inside was a cheque, the letter stated that they wish to look after her school fee’s for the rest of her school life so now all her school fees are paid up to year 12.

Now my daughter has multiple medical problems which requires costly appointments so to get this from such a gorgeous person has certainly taken some stress off of where I would find the money now I don’t have the help from her dad.

I was so speechless and we both bawled our eyes out, we we’re just blown away.

Not all heroes wear capes!!!

Just wanted to share how we have been touched by a beautiful soul.


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