Had A Laughing Bit Of Kindness Today

By Ann • November 14, 2022

Had a laughing bit of kindness today.

I wanted to buy one of those rubber tips (?) that you put on your finger when you have to flick through a lot of papers. I tried the newsagency but no luck so tried the discount shop.

There was a new Indian lady on the check out and as I am not easy to understand we were going round in laughing circles. I tried using one word ie thimble and miming putting thimble on my finger but no good.

So she called over another lady who is used to me and with more laughing I ended up pretending to lick my finger and flick through some papers.

The ladies gave a triumphant aha and we all laughed then they sadly shook their heads.

Their patience was the epitome of kindness coupled with humour.


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