Wooden Butterflies

By Joseph J. Mazzella • November 7, 2022

For my 56th birthday my daughter, Beth bought me two beautifully carved wooden butterflies. I hung them in prominent places on my walls so that I can see them often during the day. Each time I do too they give me a wonderful reminder of Love.

My daughter and my love of butterflies goes back many years. After a long battle against cancer my Mom had passed away when I was only 25 years old. Beth was only a baby at the time and never got to have any memories of her grandma. I tried to make up for it by telling her stories of my Mom but each time I did I could see that there was a little sadness in Beth’s eyes. One day when she was only seven or so we were outside at the playground. Beth suddenly said how much she missed not having her grandma around. Well, sometimes I say the right thing and this time I told her how much her grandma loved her. I said she was watching over her from Heaven and that maybe she was even hitching a ride on the back of a butterfly to come down and get a closer look. At that very moment a butterfly appeared flew around Beth’s face and then fluttered away. We both laughed with our hearts full of love and joy.

Since that moment all of those years ago both Beth and I seem to attract butterflies like flowers. Whenever we are outside they seem to fly down, circle around us, take a good look, and then fly away. And each time we are reminded of my Mom’s love watching over us. The only time this doesn’t happen is during the coldest months of the year when there are no insects of any kind. But now during those times I can take a look at the two, beautiful, wooden butterflies my daughter bought me and still be reminded of that love.

We all need reminders that we are loved in this life. We need reminders that we are loved by God, by those who have passed, and by those who are still with us. Perhaps the best way to remember, though, is to be a reminder of Love yourself. May you always do so.


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