Nature In Its Incredible Way Bringing Us Closer Together

By Karen • October 18, 2022

Last week I was travelling to my PT session by Uber and I had the window down.

Suddenly, coming up to a set of lights, a rainbow lorikeet flew IN THE WINDOW and up right to the back of the car! We stopped at the lights and I told the driver! He stopped the engine and we opened the door to try and get the poor bird out. Both of us were in shock- we weren’t sure what to do. The disorientation creature was flapping around up the back of the car and couldn’t find its way out.

But we persevered.

We then opened the other door and eventually it flew out, unharmed, on its way! The driver and I were amazed and astonished such a thing could happen- what are the odds of a bird flying through the window of a moving car?

We chatted and laughed and exclaimed over the incident until I arrived at my session and I felt we had bonded in some small way.

Nature in its incredible way bringing us closer together.


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