So I Had One Of Those Moments Today That I've Always Dreaded

By Marisa • September 30, 2022

So I had one of those moments today that I've always dreaded - putting petrol in the car and then realizing that your wallet is not in your handbag.

I rang my husband to get the card number so I could manually put it in, but the manager said they couldn't (or maybe wouldn't) put it through manually. My phone, which I could normally use to transfer the money into their account, dropped into the toilet yesterday so my old phone that I'm having to use currently doesn't have internet capability.

Meanwhile, my 3 young children are touching things, trying to climb on the counter and I'm starting to get frazzled trying to work out what I'm going to do while trying to rein in my children (and stressing about where my wallet can be!).

Next thing this lovely gentleman asked me if the petrol was only $17, and I said that it was and so he offered to pay it for me. I was so overwhelmed I went all teary. It restores your hope in humaniy receiving such a generous gift.

Ps, I found my wallet upon returning home, under one of my children's seats.


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