My Dad Experience Such Generosity Last Night While Out Dining At An Italian Restaurant

By Natalie • September 22, 2022

My dad experience such generosity last night while out dining at an Italian restaurant, in Wollongong.

My dad was there with a 10 member team of Ukrainian cyclists - here in Australia for the UCI World cycling event being held in Wollongong.

He got talking to the person at the table next to him, a man who had a son (the son is an Australian team junior motorcross member).

At the end of the meal, this man offered to pay for my dads meal and that of the 2 Ukrainian cyclists dad was sitting with, but dad politely declined.

When my dad went inside to pay the bill (for the 3 at his table and the additional 8 Ukrainian cyclists who were sitting at another table inside) the owner said the bill had already been settled.

My dad couldn’t believe it and was overcome by the generosity of this man in paying for the entire bill.

Dad is now trying to identify this man to thank him, when they spoke dad didn’t catch his name or anything like that.

Thank you for the kindness shown to the Ukrainian cycling team while they are in Australia.


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