Just Wanted To Share What Made My Day Today

By A Friend • September 6, 2022

Just wanted to share what made my day today and really celebrate they’re still amazing giving kind selfless people out there.

Today I was buying a jolly jumper for my baby and couldn’t really afford it due to not working in many other circumstances but took money out of other things that needed to be paid just so baby would have an awesome thing to play in as she can’t quite crawl or sit up yet and getting a little frustrated.

She loves to bounce and jump up and down trying to stand on our lap so I thought this would be the perfect thing for her. I asked the lady if she would take 50 and acknowledged that it’s worth more as that's all I could do at the time and explained circumstances.

She kindly agreed which I was already very grateful for when I arrived at this beautiful lady's house she handed it to me and said don’t even worry about the money.

My eyes filled with tears was so blessed and overwhelmed and appreciated more than I think she knows.


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