This Story Is Not For Any Props, Just Such A Gorgeous Story...

By Bex • August 1, 2022

So like any I have been through my fair share of horrible. A year or so ago when I really just needed some kindness, I got chatting to an old chap and his wife at the grocery checkout. As we chatted he helped me load my groceries onto the conveyer belt and I joked that it had been a while since a gentleman had helped me with the groceries. We chatted about life and family, part of which he commented on my tattoos and that his son was a wonderful tattoo artist but had sadly since passed away. He would have given his details for future tattoos! The conversation and just help of a stranger honestly made my day, so much so that I remember it very well to this day...

So today I look to the self-serve at my same busy grocery store which is packed and I am in a hurry to pick up one of my kids. I move to the express line and a nice old chap is moving in very close, trying to eye his wife to show he found the item they were after. He tells me about when he married her and although in a hurry my heart kinda swelled. Popping my few items through and him chatting away, I told him to pass me his items and gave them to the checkout-fella to scan through. He was confused for a moment saying I can't pay. I said consider it my good deed for the day and they were already paid for. He was so thankful and joked "I will get you next week", I said I would hold him to that. We joked 'same time next week' and I passed him his items as he passed.

As I was packing mine he looked at my tattoos and said "if my son was still alive I would have him help you out with more tattoos".

Chills to say the least!

It was the same lovely old man that helped me a year or so ago! By the time my mind had packed goods and come together, they had gone. What I wouldn't have done to thank him more.

Seems karma is often the good coming back around, possibly literally!


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