I Was Having A Rough Day. And Then...

By Penni • August 1, 2022

I was sitting in my car waiting for school pickup. My air con is broken (and I live in North Queensland, so even in winter, air con is necessary), so I had the windows down.

I heard footsteps coming towards me, and they sounded like the person was having a rough day too. Almost sad.

A man walked past. The sort of man you wouldn't normally associate with tender emotions. Tall, broad, strong, big beard. But his body screamed distress - head down, shoulders hunched, dragging himself along. I almost jumped out to see if he needed help.

Then I heard someone running towards us. I got a little anxious. It's an area where issues often arise.

But the petite woman was wearing scrubs, and I knew she'd come from the vet just behind me.

She called out the man's name, he turned around, she leapt towards him with a great big heartfelt bear hug, and he dissolved on her shoulder.

By this time, I was crying too.

Then another strongly build man came past, holding a tiny furry bundle to his face, weeping.

So there was a big group hug, some gentle words of kindness, and the men got in their car.

And that dear vet nurse wiped her eyes, took a deep breath, and set herself to go back to work.

It was such a beautiful moment to witness.

Made my day.

Also, still crying.


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