My Husband Was At The Register Tonight When The Elderly Man In Front Of Him Was $3 Short For His Scripts

By Jessica • July 6, 2022

He only had his pension cash with him and was beginning to get stressed. My husband stepped in and told the cashier he’d pay the remaining $3. The man tried to stop him, but my hubby insisted, saying it was only $3 and he’d do the same for him if it was the other way round.

My husband paid the bill and the man was so grateful, saying he’d been so worried about driving in the wild weather 20 mins from home, but he had run out of his last pills on the script and must have calculated it wrong when getting his money together at home. He left with a smile. Just imagining if that was our grandpa, or pop, we would’ve been so grateful to someone else helping them in such a stressful situation.


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