By Nina • June 13, 2022

I’ve been having a really hard time lately with the very recent loss of my father and work-related stress. I went back to work after taking one day off after his passing and was having a very difficult, tear-filled day.

My job takes me around the city and as I was walking down a busy street I saw a homeless man covered in a blanket but his bare feet were sticking out and it was so, so cold. I made a detour to buy him some socks and gloves so he could at least be a little warmer and left them beside him to find when he woke up.

The next day I was in the same area, still feeling down, still struggling, when two tradies stopped me to ask if I was the girl who stopped to leave him socks yesterday. I said yeah and they excitedly told me how they then organised to buy him a big warm jacket after seeing me and then another person bought him some warm and comfy ugg boots. One of the men told me I was a legend and now every time I’m in the area he stops to yell “hey legend!” and ask how I’m going.

In the grand scheme of things what I did was really tiny but I hope it made that man’s day a little better and a little easier so he could stay warm and those tradies really filled my heart up with warmth on what was a horrible day. Thanks legends


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