To The Tall Lady In Rouse Hill...

By Carolyn • June 10, 2022

I took my 12 year old niece shopping for her birthday today.

At the end of our trip I rushed into the supermarket to grab some medication and Vitamin D and we went to the self service checkout. My niece did the transaction as I have trouble reaching as I'm a power chair user.

But then it happened.

My credit card declined (even though it had plenty of money available) how embarrassing.

My niece tried twice more then before I knew it this tall young lady swiped her phone to pay for my transaction.

I turned to her and said you don't need to do that....I'll go to the ATM...she refused and I started to cry...what a lovely gesture of kindness and generosity.

To the tall lady in Rouse Hill with a green top and nice eyelashes a heartfelt thank you! I will be paying it forward as soon as I can.

There are some lovely people out there!


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