Talk About Grace, Generosity And Kindness

By Patty • May 18, 2022

Last Thursday night our West Central Minnesota county was blasted by 100mph straight line winds and tornados. No injuries or lives lost and we are so thankful.

Friday I received a text message from an area resident worried about her mom who lives in a rural area, receives meds through a Nebulizer and is on Oxygen. She had no power since the storm Thursday night.

I contacted emergency management, the power company was contacted, no one could help me. The mom had gone out to her car and used it’s power to run her Nebulizer. Night was closing in and I finally posted my dilemma on a private Facebook group. Immediately a young woman named Danielle Wurm contacted me and said she and her husband had a generator. I gave her the lady’s address and phone number.

This young couple, at 8:00 pm, loaded this generator and went to a stranger’s home, gassed it up, hooked it up and made sure it was running the oxygen efficiently before they left.

This morning the woman’s daughter texted to say thank you, that her mom had slept well all through the night.

As a radio announcer for decades in our area, a lot of people reach out to me. I try to help where I can, usually as the middle man as I was in this case, putting this woman in dire need of help in touch with an Angel, Danielle, who never hesitated helping her.

Talk about grace, generosity and kindness.


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