A 5 Minute Conversation With A Stranger Can Change The Course Of Someone's Day

By Sandy • May 13, 2022

This is a story I wanted to share….just to show how often things happen for a reason. And just by having a 5 minute conversation with a stranger can change the course of someone’s day. It brought me to tears and still does.

Yesterday my parents were heading off on a little holiday and I took them to the train station. Upon arrival it was pouring rain.

I got their luggage out and ran it to under cover and helped them to the elevator and sent them on their way. As they were entering an elderly man was exiting. We walked back to the entrance and I commented to him I hope he has arrangements to get where he needed to go. He was going to wait 20 mins for the bus. I asked where he was going and it turned out he was heading to the same town I was, just a 15 minute drive away. I offered him a lift which he gratefully accepted. We had a lovely chat on the way and I learned some of his history and the fact he was 87 and heading to the nursing home he had just put his beloved wife in last week. He had his license taken away last year so relies on public transport. A tear fell down his cheek as he told me about her. I managed to hold it together but barely. As I dropped him to the entrance of the nursing home, I gave him the bunch of flowers I had in the car which I had given to my mum on Mother’s Day, forgetting she wouldn't be home to enjoy them.

I would much rather see them be enjoyed by him and his wife than me take them back home. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he thanked me profusely. As I made my way back to my car I totally lost control of my emotions and cried like a baby.

I just felt that all the stars aligned and for some reason I was meant to meet Bill today. I was very glad to be able to help him in some way.

I just might check in on them on Friday. It will be his wife’s birthday.


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