Helping A Mom During A Toddler Meltdown

By Pru • April 5, 2022

Yesterday I was leaving a gym where I teach classes, when my ears were assaulted by a high pitched shriek and wailing. Yes, it was a toddler in full on melt down.

His mum was doing her best to reason with him whilst holding her other child, a young baby, but the terrible twos cannot be reasoned with.

I stopped and asked if I could help by holding the baby while she sorted out her toddler, so she passed this 8 month old cutie to me and she then could carry the squirming bundle of two year old angst.

Together we walked to her car, she was so grateful to have an extra pair of hands for a minute, and I was happy that I could help a sista clearly in need and not be 'that person' who walks by.


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