By Kay • March 21, 2022

Went to lunch today. Was ready to go when a gentleman came In and needed a table with a plug for his phone. Mine had one. I have no idea if others did, but almost all tables were empty. I told him he was welcome to that table as I was leaving anyway. We exchanged pleasantries and I left.

As I went to my car I just felt a tug in my heart and next thing I know I’m in the drive thru. I ordered a meal and pulled up. Literally less than $8.

At the window I told the worker I had a crazy em request and could he deliver that meal to the man at the first table. He got all surprised looking and said “all this is for him?” I said yes and he gave me a fist bump and said “I love seeing stuff like this”. Then he said “I know who this is for” all suprised. I told him I didn’t know if the guy needed it or not but I felt compelled. He said “oh he does, he’s homeless and came in yesterday and wanted food. I couldn’t give him any. What’s your name? I’m taking this to him right now?”

I then left. No clue how the gentleman reacted or what was said- but it made the day of the worker to know he was getting a meal.

I called my daughter as it made me feel good and I told her “if you ever feel a tug as your heart, follow the tug, that’s God getting your attention and working through you”.

So my new motto is FOLLOW THE TUG!!!


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