Just Say It

By Dana • March 21, 2022

A few weeks ago I followed the tug when I saw a mum walking her dog and child for their morning walk.

I had my window down and the lady was wearing a really cool jumpsuit. I yelled out "I love your jumpsuit!" as I was driving past. She smiled a little stunned as I drove off.

Ran a few errands and then filled up the car. I saw the same lady in the petrol station and as she was walking out I felt the tug again and I said "Excuse me were you just walking your dog not long ago?"

She goes, "Was that you?! I was having such a crappy morning and your really turned it around for me so thank you."

Made my heart sing and I almost cried. We high fived and went on our way.

Someone told me not too long ago that if you feel compelled to say something, even if you are standing at a check out, or in my case driving and you see a cool jumpsuit, just say it, as the person needs to hear it.

When you feel something, act on it, as you will brighten a strangers even or loved ones day for the better.

Angels are all around us, even in human form. Love and kindness is all you need folks.


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