A Hand Up

By Tess • February 23, 2022

Life works in mysterious ways. I had fallen on hard times right after I gave birth to my little girl. I was a single mom, working full-time.

Even working full-time, I could no longer afford all the bills. My job couldn't pay enough for my daughters extra $800 per month daycare fee. I was on a long waiting list for assistance. It didn't come soon enough. I didn't have any help from family for most of them had passed away. I ended up having to leave my house, no longer able to afford rent. I quit my job so I could raise my daughter. I stayed with friends for a few months.

I had met some church going people through a mutual friend who offered to let me stay in their loft. I took them up on the offer because it was somewhere stable and safe. I became good friends with the woman. She encouraged and supported us for 6 months.

In those 6 months I found government housing so could stay there free and raise my little girl! Usually places like that have a long list of people but a friend of a friend heard about it becoming available and I immediately applied.

I lived there 4 years and it helped me so much! That couples kindness made a huge difference in our life and helped get me on track. Today my daughter is 6 years old, I have a great job and we more than enough. That little girl puts a smile on my face everyday.

I don't know where I would've ended up without them but they were angels to us. I'm forever grateful.


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