'She Is A Superstar'

By Suzanne • January 28, 2022

This is a message a woman left on the Cole's supermarket Facebook page:

Hello Coles Senior Management!

Are you listening?!? Please.

I trust you are doing well in these difficult times. X

Today I was in the Arana Hills store, Qld. A storm in the area cut the power to the shopping centre.

I picked up the minimal amount of groceries to cook dinner. Just less than $10. Unfortunately, due to the power outage, I was unable to pay using my mobile, despite trying a number of times. I started to unpack the groceries, to be returned to the shelf, when a junior Coles staff member swiped her card and said “I’ll get that”and proceeded to pay.

Dear Coles Senior Management! Her name is Josie. She works in Coles, Arana Hills. She is a superstar. She made me cry with the amazing act of kindness to resolve the inconvenience of the power outage. I am so impressed and still blown away by this. I will be contacting the store manager tomorrow to let them know, this awesome young woman deserves acknowledgment!


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