Have The Time Of Your 'why'

By Jodi-Ann E. M. Morgan • December 16, 2021

It was Mark Twain who said: "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." This has always resonated with me and now, more than ever, I’ve been living my life on the mission to learn what my calling is and fulfill my purpose.

With that being said, I think there are two important questions that can used to supplement that statement about those two very important days:

1. If you were called to do something by God and you considered the worst that could happen, whether it be fear, embarrassment or anything unpleasant or down right undesirable, would He be worth being uncomfortable for?

2. If you only ever received salvation from God, meaning, no breakthrough with finances, no healing of a sickness, no other blessing at all, would He still be enough for you?

Throughout my journey of growing into the person I believed I am called to be, those questions have really made me ponder and think. What would my honest responses be? If we would be obedient and do whatever He says we should, even if it was something we dreaded and knew we would not personally benefit then, I believe we would live the life of our “why”.

For all the persons who have been selfless and of service to others in any way, even to your detriment, I just want to in my own little way, say thank you for being kind and thoughtful and know you inspire me to be better. Bless you all.


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